Kernel Engineering and Porting

Today’s enterprise products and solutions vendors requires complex kernel level programming which is possible only if have in-depth knowledge of system’s architecture. Our technical expertise in kernel level programming helps to achieve efficient and more stable product in the market. Our team equipped with multiple years of kernel level programming experience on operating systems like Windows, Linux. Our kernel programming team has good expertise in the areas like Storage, Networking, Virtualization and Security.


Storage Kernel Programming

File system legacy filter driver development, File system minifilter driver development, Volume filter driver development, Disk filter driver development, Storport and Miniport driver development.

Network Kernel Engineering

NDIS driver and NDIS filter driver development, WFP filter driver development, Network packet inspection and monitoring product development.

Virtualization Kernel Engineering

Development of file system redirection filter driver development, Device driver development for hypervisors.

Security Kernel Engineering

Designing and development of endpoint security solutions, Designing and development of disk encryption solutions, Designing and development of security tools.